How to Podcast on a Budget!

Rumour has it that 7 in 10 Generation Z members and millennials are listening to podcasts. Well, research by YPlus, (“an actionable research company on Gen Z and millennials”) predicted it, “rumor” just sounded better. That said, if podcasting is a new hobby you want to pick up or a means to improve your public speaking skills, you’re thinking right. Podcasting is a worthy venture.

I began podcasting in January 2019 and today, I have a cumulative listen of over 4,000 plays with an average of over 250 listens per episode. Now, half the time I was thinking of ways to save money. If you’re a bargain hunter like me – always in search of less expensive alternatives that give the same or similar optimum result, you’re reading the right article. Today, I share with you 3 tips for podcasting on a budget! Kindly fasten your seatbelts, your trip is about to begin!

Podcast sound

I believe this is the crust of every podcast. I mean, a great audio appeals to every listener! That said, your first instinct is probably to buy a microphone and this would have you reading several blogs and watching even more vlogs. This is prudent.

However, where you’re short of such microphone money, I’ve got an alternative for you; consider recording with your phone! Think of it like a voice note you’re sending to a work group chat. You’d want no distractions, interruptions or external noise. 

So quick hacks my friend taught me:

First, put a sock over the microphone of your phone (usually the bottom part), to act as a buffer and to reduce background noise. Next, find a convenient corner of a room to contain the sound. Finally, face the wall and then record! Especially where this is a solo podcast, this hack works great!

Podcast editing 

Now that your sound is done, it’s good to go for production! If you use a MacBook, GarageBand is an in-built audio editor you could use. If you use a PC, Audacity is a ‘free’, simple and easy to use editing app. Here you can carry out noise reductions, add effects, add background music and every other thing for free! Does the church say amen? 

Another alternative to editing for free is a free app called “Anchor”. It’s a one-stop-shop for every podcaster. Here’s what I mean; on Anchor, you can record your podcast, include segments, add background music, effects and even distribute! 

Although Audacity and Anchor are both free apps, they have pros and cons. The former is great for editing but that’s as far as it goes. While the latter accomplishes multiple functions but may be limited with editing as there are fewer available features on Anchor to manipulate the sound.

Podcast hosting & distribution.

There are over 30 podcast hosting platforms. This ranges from Apple Podcasts to Google Podcasts, SpotifySoundcloud, and many others. Some hosts are free, while others are paid for once you’ve exhausted a limited space (like Soundcloud). Some are also limited to particular operating systems (like Apple podcasts for iOS) while others are available for everyone. Lastly, some are limited to certain geographical locations (like Spotify), while others are not. Different strokes for different folks. 

That said, an app that comes in handy is the Anchor app again. It acts as a host (a listening site accessible to anyone) and it also distributes the podcast to other free hosting platforms. Within a couple of hours, it uploads every podcast episode as published, to the major hosts.

Alternatively, where you desire to upload your podcast to a hosting platform that anchor doesn’t provide for, it is easy. All you need to do is create an account on the new host’s website, obtain the podcast’s RSS Code from your Anchor Settings and impute it on the new host’s page. It automatically uploads all previous and subsequent podcast episodes.

In Conclusion,

Since you’re working with a budget, be sure to explore all available options. You can always change your mind down the line or buy recording equipment once you’re able to. Finally, don’t overthink it, you may never really begin if you do so. Do it afraid!

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