How to Take Better Pictures With Any Smartphone

What’s the first question you ask when you see a great picture? “What phone did you use?” Right? And when you faithfully save up to buy that dream phone. You still don’t get those crispy pictures you dreamt about. Maybe you had it all wrong. 5 Quick Tips to Overcome Shoddy Pictures View this post…

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5 Secrets to Looking Great on Video Calls.

We Nigerians find it important to look great. Nobody really wants to carry last on this matter most times; so we usually try to up our game regarding how we look. Operation #PepperDemGang Covid-19, however, has forced us to stay indoors and our finest apparels stashed away till further notice. Though we had been used…

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Why You Should Start Taking Pictures From Your Left Side

Kim Kardashian knows the secret. Ariana Grande faithfully follows this technique and science backs it. (drops mic) In a study of 2000 selfies on Instagram, La Trobe University’s Senior Lecturer in Experimental Neuropsychology Dr. Annukka Lindell found our left sides are more attractive than our right. According to new research, led by Kelsey Blackburn and…

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